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Multimodal freight forwarding

Multimodal freight (using different types of transport) is one of the priority activities for Aldergroup.

It has been known that quick and reliable freight forwarding is often impossible to carry out using just one type of transport. In such cases multimodal transportation is indispensable, because it allows to combine sea, road and air modes of freight transport. Multimodal freight often makes it also possible to substantially reduce both time and expenses.

This mode of freight forwarding requires thorough routing, high level of professionalism and consolidation of the team managing transportation of a cargo. Multimodal transportation is characterized by the need to properly organize a large chain of freight forwarding agents and foresee all factors taking into account individual features of transported cargo and client’s requests.

Adlergroup specialists will determine the most optimal way of using one or another type of transport in terms of costs and quickness for every portion of the route of your cargo.

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